All About Maine Coon Cats


Bopper_kittenimage2The Maine Coon is an indigenous (native) American breed. These large, hearty cats are renowned for having a loving nature that has helped them earn the reputation of being the “gentle giants” of the cat fancy.

Stunning is a word often used to describe the Maine Coon. Majestic in size and glamorous in appearance, the Maine Coon has a long coat that sets it apart from other long haired breeds.  Sporting a more natural appearance, the flowing coat is heavy and uneven – and very soft. The Maine Coon tail is amazing – a long and fluffy wonder that helps this gregarious breed express himself.

Maine Coons are nature’s works of art. Five color classes are recognized in the breed: solid, mackerel tabby, parti-color, tabby and tabby with white.

Among these colors, there are a multitude of patterns, including classic tabby, patched tabby (females only), and mackerel tabby (striped).

Loveable lugs of cat, males weigh 16 pounds and higher. Females weigh less, usually between 8 and 12 pounds.

The square shaped head, high cheekbones, firm chin and prominent nose add to the Maine Coon’s very distinctive and undeniably beautiful appearance.

Maine Coon Personality

Maine Coons are the cats all other cats would love to be! Looks and personality!

They are as dog-like a cat as you will encounter in the cat fancy. Maine Coons love people and are so very loyal and gentle with their owners. They are a great choice for families with children and dogs (which they sometimes tower above!)

Maine Coons like to be involved in whatever’s going on, whether it’s watching tv from the comfort of their owners’ lap, helping make the bed and fold the laundry, or quietly supporting and supervising homework activities. Maine Coons love to play and are very amusing to watch as they bat at toys and chase strings around the house.

Many Maine Coons also love water, so you can rely on having some feline help with washing dishes!

Maine Coons love to be around people, but they are also good at entertaining themselves. Whether watching birds from a window or the fish in the fish tank, having a good long nap, or splashing around in the water bowl, these cats can find fun of their own.

Maine Coon Grooming

While you would think that with such a gorgeous, silky long coat, keeping up with grooming would be a lot of work. In reality, it’s not really all that big a deal. Just brush your Maine Coon for 10 to 15 minutes a couple times a week, and your cat will look and feel great. As with all cats, trimming nails should be done about once a month. The Maine Coon is generally very understanding and will allow this task to be done without too much trouble.

The popularity of the Maine Coon is growing as cat lovers embrace the beauty and very enchanting nature of these sweet felines. If you are looking for a smart, good-natured cat that is really good with kids, gets along with dogs and is amazingly beautiful, the Maine Coon is definitely a breed you should consider.

Debbie Moore
Cats and Kittens Central